Join us!

Applications for our group are always welcome from students (TFG, TFM, Erasmus), PhD and Postdoctoral candidates. If you are interested in joining, please send an email to Bart with a motivation letter and cv. Our activities range from photochemistry to supramolecular chemistry, from organic synthesis to spectroscopy. We are interested in Photocatalysis, Coordination Chemistry, Supramolecular and Nanoscale Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Mechanistic Elucidation, and Organic and Molecular Electronics. Our research projects therefore bridge the common divides in chemistry and contain elements from the traditional fields of Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry.

Prospective PhD and Postdoc candidates are encouraged to discuss the possibility of joining our lab supported by their own personal grants. Please contact Bart if you are interested in applying for a grant with the Limburg Lab as a host. Below are some examples of opportunities, the list is not exhaustive and other opportunities are equally welcomed.


There are currently no funded positions available. You are welcome to contact Bart to discuss other possibilities.